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Lottery Results

Lotto Results

Lottery is held twice a week , on Tuesday and Saturday night – and then published the results and winners. Occasionally conducted well as extra Lottery on Thursday .

Participating in the lottery to guess 6 numbers out of 37 possible , and in addition a number of strong ( one of seven ) . The first prize winner is the one who guesses all six numbers plus the strong number .

The first prize of the lottery at least 4 million ( double lottery – at least 8 million) woman, who correctly lottery results . If there is no winner of the first prize in a contest, cumulative award to the next draw . The second prize is a half million and is the next raffle incremental , if not in winning guessed it . Additionally, you can win more prizes predicting the correct three numbers above, when predicting the correct combination strongest number increases prize money .

Lottery Results – How to snakes ?

Of course, no one right way to guess lottery results . Some people prefer to choose a ” lucky numbers ” which are related to their lives , such as their birth date or the family members , related books Gematria of the first name or their last name , or numbers related to important dates in their life. It is important to pay attention not to stick to dates , as occurred in greater numbers than 31 … however – some people prefer the randomness and choosing just numbers , regardless of their personal life .

No matter which method you choose to guess Lotto Results – the best way to increase your chances to win prizes , is through group membership . Participation in our group subscription gives you the right to send fact a much larger amount of forms with Nichushei lottery results – not just in your form .

Your form , if you guessed lottery results , you get 50 % of the award and the remainder split the group members ( 40 % ) and L”sooh worth ” ( 10 %). This suggests , of course , if another member of the group had correctly guessed the outcome of a lottery – you benefit from some of you the relative amount of the award which he won.

Want to guess lottery results through our group subscription ? No problem – contact us * 3355 and we will be happy to provide you with more information on our various routes .